Garden Centre Bedding Plant Buyer

17 Mar 2018
16 Apr 2018
Dianne Saunders
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Full Time
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Spring is literally just around the corner and our client are in need of a top Bedding Plant Buyer to join their team.

They are pretty passionate about plants and sourcing the best seasonal bedding and veg they can find for our customers.
They are not looking for an average Plant Buyer - they want someone that shares the passion, energy and excitement that they have for everything they do in the Garden Centre.
Have you got what it takes?!?
Right now they are looking to add to their outstanding Plant Buying team and are on the hunt for a really talented Bedding Plant Buyer to join the Garden Centre.

What you will be doing in this job?

In this role, you'll be working closely with the seasonal bedding plants from counting existing stock, negotiating the best cost prices with suppliers, responsible for placing orders through to seeing in the deliveries and checking the quality of the plants from the suppliers.
You'll be on the shop floor too, helping to display the plants you have bought in our client's beautiful seasonal bedding department. What more could a plant lover wish for?!?
You'll have overall responsibility for ensuring continuous improvement in cost, variety and interest.
You'll work closely with the existing, experienced management team that will help you and train you up to be an amazing buyer.
As well as the Management team, you'll be working closely with our client's dedicated employees to ensure they are supplied with super high quality bedding plants to be displayed and retailed in the area.
It's critical that the suppliers and growers truly understand and adhere to the exacting standards required when they work with our client and if it's not good enough it will your job to tell them!
As a negotiating whizz, you'll be the "go to" person for getting the best deals and promoting the Garden Centre as a showcase so that suppliers want to offer our client their exciting new plants and products.
You'll need to have an eye for detail as you need to be able to spot and manage any discrepancies between orders and confirmations and find the best ways to resolve them.
The role will also include shop floor work such as watering, bringing stock from the nursery to the shop floor, displaying stock and helping customers.
Obviously, you will be expected to stick to our safety and uniform standards! This will include wearing safety footwear and uniform that will be provided for you!


What can you bring to the role?
We're looking for someone with an exceptional plant buying record on a commercial scale.
If you've been going through the motions of working for a corporate plant retailer with no say in what you think the business should be buying then now's the time to make that change and work in a family run business with a great deal of autonomy (for the right candidate!).
We're also keen to hire someone with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills.
To prove to me that you're the person we're looking for you'll need to have some excellent examples from the job specification below:
Previous experience as a plant buyer on a large scale.
Accountable for plant quality, negotiating with suppliers and growers.
Exceptional organisational skills with plants and staff alike!
Experience dealing with different and conflicting priorities is an absolute must!
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills - there is a lot of number crunching involved in this role, so you'll need to be comfortable manipulating and analysing data in our systems, including Excel.
An ability to understand complex and sometimes confusing situations and make it simple - you must be able to find your way through sometimes baffling situations and come up with an answer that makes sense to everyone involved!
Tenacious in the face of obstacles and ultimately, all about getting quality plants to the shop floor that customers simply have to buy!
Always searching for ways to be better both in your performance and in our client's processes.
You must be a fast learner - you'll need to hit the ground running (or catch up very quickly!) otherwise the role won't be for you!
Flexibility and commitment - you'll need to roll up your sleeves and actually get your hands dirty as part of the Buying team and we'll expect you to approach every task with the same enthusiasm and energy.