5 Ways to Find Work in a New City

So you’ve decided to make a change, new town/city and now you need to get to know people within the horticulture trade. It can be difficult to know where to start looking for new work in an unfamiliar place so hopefully this article will help.

Plan as much as possible before you move and this will help eliminate some of the stress, some people find a place to live once they have secured a job and others do the opposite.

1. Where to Start

In a new town you need to get to know and talk to as many people as possible to develop a network of people. Don’t worry about what they do or how they can help you to begin with because later on down the line you might find they have connections to other people in the horticulture world.

Speak to your estate agent to find out where to meet local people for freelance horticulture work or if they know of any possible local business that may have job vacancies available. There are business networking groups but these can be very hit or miss so I wouldn’t recommend relying on them to kick start your new career.

2. Become a Local

Most towns and cities have local publications and newsletters than contain information about local events. These may not be appropriate for securing a horticulture job but it is another avenue to meet new people and also learn how they publicise themselves around the town. Look out for local events which can often be free but it is a great way to get a feel for the new place and the people.

3.Social Media

Social networking is slowly creeping into most businesses and can be used to meet lots of people. It is very similar to the old style of “word of mouth” marketing. If you create a great post and then your friends share it, all of their friends will also see your announcement. Digital technology is continuing to develop so it worth tapping into these sources.

4.Stick to Familiar Meet Ups

Think about how you networked in your previous location and use these techniques again. It is likely they will be more productive as you will be familiar with the process and what to expect. If business networking meetings were how you built relationships; try a few out before signing up for them.

5.Make Yourself Stand Out

Bear in mind the new people you meet will need something to remember you by. So have a think about how you can differentiate yourself from other similar local business or tradesmen.

Hopefully you have found these steps useful and the process will lead you to creating a business network within your new community. In the meantime we have lot of horticulture vacancies available in many different locations here which may be helpful.

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